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An Altar Of Uncut Stones

There’s something so intimate, so raw, and so holy about an altar.


Altars are the foundations that sacrifices were laid on…

And think about that word "sacrifice"…

You don’t “sacrifice” something without value, do you?

No, a “sacrifice” is something of value, something that is dear to you.


In scripture, we read about men of God building these altars in order to sacrifice to Adonai.

Noah built an altar to Adonai after he and his family were preserved from the floodwaters that destroyed the ancient world.

Abraham built an altar to Adonai after he and his barren wife were called out of a life of idolatry to father nations under the One True God.

Isaac built an altar to Adonai at Rechovot after receiving Adonai’s promise to bless him and enlarge his heritage.

And the list goes on.


For these men of God, an altar wasn’t just where they laid their heartfelt sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to Adonai, but an altar was a milestone they erected as they moved

from one season of life to the next…

from one purpose and calling to the next…

from one degree of glory to the next.

The altar was a Glory Marker.


In this week’s parsha Ki Tavo, Moses instructs the Joshua and the children of Israel to build an alter after they finally cross the Jordan into the Promise Land.

After so much waiting, wittinessing miracles, experiencing trials, they were finally about to enter into a greater glory.


One aspect of this altar really spoke to me:

Deuteronomy 27:6

“You are to build an altar to Adonai your God of uncut stones; and there you are to offer sacrifices of burnt offerings on it to Adonai your God.”


The altar was to be built of uncut stones.


The Hebrew word here for “uncut” is “shalem”, which means,



At peace.

Shalem, is the root word for shalom, which also means peace.

How interesting it is to consider that the altar was made of uncut stones.

And what a beautiful revelation we find when we translate this physical aspect of the altar into our spiritual walk with Adonai.


We too, have sacrifices to make.

As Romans 12:1 says, “I exhort you brothers, in view of God’s mercies, to offer yourselves as a living sacrifice, set apart for God. This will please him; it is the logical “Temple worship” for you.”

The sacrifices we make may look a little different from the sacrifices of old. They might be sacrifices of time for his glory, money to provide for the needy, or talents given to build his kingdom.

But nonetheless our foundation, our spiritual altars, have to be built in the same manner as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Joshua.

They have to be built of uncut stones.

They have to be given wholly, as in whole heartedly, completely, as in keeping nothing back, and in peace knowing each sacrifice we make to him will multiply his kingdom and bring blessings to us and our households.


Let your altar today be built up anew with uncut stones.



And with the peace that passes understanding.


Shavu’a tov b’shem Yeshua ❤️

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