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Leviticus 19:4

"'Do not turn to idols, and do not cast metal gods for yourselves; I am ADONAI your God.'"

Do not turn to idols...

This seems like such a simple concept.

We often think of an idol in terms of a graven image; a statue or object of worship; something obvious and tangible.

But what if an idol can manifest itself in other ways?

Can an idol be a house? A car? A job? Money?

Can we make an idol for ourselves when we pour our time and energy into things with no eternal value?

Do not turn to idols...

This is actually such a complex concept...

The Hebrew word for "idol" is "elil/אֱלִיל". It is defined as something that is worthless and insufficient. The term "idol" takes on a much broader and deeper meaning through the lens of the original language.

Is what we spend our time, energy, and money on worthless in terms of eternity and insufficient for the real needs we have?

Do not turn to idols...

Do not turn to worthless things...

Do not turn to that which is insufficient for nourishing your souls.

Rather, turn to Adonai the Living God, the source of eternal redemption, where we find fulfillment for our hungry souls.

Adonai, may it be far from us to indulge in idols of any sort... and help us to discern through your Holy Spirit which things and activities are worthless and of no eternal value, and what is insufficient for filling our spiritual needs, what is an idol and what is of You.

Amen, amen, amen

Shavua tov, beloved ones❤️

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