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Kristallnacht-The Night Of Broken Glass

Mobs, fire, fear,

Broken glass filled roads

Jewish cemeteries, hospitals, Orphanages, homes

Violated, vandalized,

Victimized, sold

From beloved synagogues,

Fire and smoke rose


The 9th of November

The beginning of a hell on earth

We are all charged to remember

Jewish men, women, and children

Dragged off and humiliated

Hated and jaded

A baseless hatred that invaded

Some managed to escape

But many lost their lives

Some went into hiding

Husbands were separated from wives

Children sent away with strangers

To find freedom across borders

Christians risked their lives to

Sneak them out against Nazi orders


Over 1,100 synagogues

Countless Jewish homes

7,500 Jewish businesses

Several hundred Jewish souls

30,000 were arrested

Then to the camps were sent

Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald

And Dachau, with no voice to dissent

How could the world stand by

And let this all take place?

Let the remembrance of this day

Bend our knees and somber our face

Pray for the strength to speak up

When something isn't right

Don't close your eyes at persecution

But stand and fight

Be the light






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